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HOMEOMOXA: a new method of treating hay fever and asthma

The HOMEOMOXA is a causal treatment for allergic rhinitis and asthma. It was invented by the author in 1994. Named by the author as the contraction of worlds like ‘Homeo’(homeopathy) + Moxibuscio (component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM). The method of HOMEOMOXA is the synthesis of the natural treatments of Western and Eastern Worlds. Homeomoxa is a natural dessensibilization in its effect which serves the recovery of the immune system. Its holistic content is the following: it is a BIOLOGICAL-ENERGETIC-INFORMATION method that affects the wholeness of the human being. The natural treatment is able to significantly reduce the symptoms of people suffering from allergy, and to make them stop taking or taking less medicine. More details...

A new theory of allergy development

People are very different from each other in toxins in their bodies, bad habits, parasite contamination, fear conditions and states of mind and so on. They think in a different way thus in their reactions to difficulties or challenges in life some people react with less fear, stress, while others are able to develop their spiritual peace in hard situations as well. Some of them are able to call out of themselves a quality of love that creates a condition without fear, complete physical-spiritual harmony, health. Allergy development emerges from interactions of the above factors that all of them encourage immune system to evolve the given persons protection. The more factors are present of the highlighted ones and the more powerful the effects are, the more likelier allergies develop. It also explains the development of poliallergies. More details...

Crystalpuncture course

Crystalpuncture means to heal with light on the human light-body. This is a special healing method, in connection with the Chinese meridians and acupuncture points. The treatment is not exactly on the physical points, but in the Aura of the person. During the healing process man can feel the miracle, the fluxation, even those, who never used such energies before. More details...

Positive thinking and conscious creation

With the help of conscious and positive thinking we are able to control the events of our lives. We are able to experience the divine creative force that we have in ourselves. The course helps the participants understand that we play an important part in what’s happening to us (illness, accident, any event). In the course knowledge is transmitted that describes the way of how to form changes in our lives. In the fields of health, relationships, work, abundance etc. the conscious creation can be applied everywhere. More details...

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